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Coming soon, a new radio station for the Swansea and South West Wales area. IN THE GROOVE RADIO will be bringing you the best Soul, Disco, Funk and Upbeat Classic Hits. We will be bringing back the Good Times and Great Oldies.

Your business can get involved, by helping us get on air, online as soon as possible. If you fund us getting on air, your station will be GUARENTEED the top slot each hour to promote your business.


Broadcast Radio are the cloud service provider we need. By broadcasting using 'the cloud' it cuts down on using purpose built studios, enabling our presenters to work from home, cutting back on travelling. The ideal package for In The Groove Radio would be the standard package, currently standing at £1282,80 a year.

Click on the image to go to their website. They are one of the market leaders in cloud broadcasting.


Like Media and Nation are the companies that will be running the new Swansea DAB multiplex. The coverage area is shown in this map.

We are currently looking to obtain the costs of broadcasting on this multiplex.

Ofcom are the Government organisation that provide the broadcast licences.

The current licence to broadcast costs £350, which I am applying for currently. 


To see the Like Media web page, click the logo shown to the left of this text.

To clarify, the main steps needed are as follows:

1 - Find a company to cover the cost of cloud broadcasting and web streaming

as an advertiser you will get top of the hour every hour, after every news bulletin

2 - Find a company to cover the DAB costs
as an advertiser you will get half past the hour during 6am to 6pm

3 - Find a company to cover the broadcast licences
as an advertiser you will get half past the hour during 7pm to 5am


To start with there will be mostly non stop music, with a few bits of speech. As the station gears up to DAB launch other presenters will come on board.

In The Groove Radio will become a great station with a familiar sound.

Be part of a new Sound for Swansea!

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