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This is the place to come to catch-up, or listen again to some of my shows that I do, along with other selected bits of audio that I want to share with you.

Not every show I do will end up on here, only specialist shows and select bits of shows.

What you won't find here is full shows such as Breakfast or other daytime shows, but you will find Just The Best Bits from them.

Anyway, I hope you will enjoy what is here.

The audio is hosted on a website called Chirbit.

Please note, these links will open a player in a new window


SPECIAL SHOW on 11th April I presented a special show to mark

the passing of HRH Prince Philip The Duke of Edinburgh.

You can find this towards the foot of this page.


NEW! Send a request for In The Groove or Saturday Breakfast

via the message window, just click the icon in the bottom right

corner of this page or email radiocatchup(at)philengland.com 

please replace (at) with @


In The Groove - 01/08/2021 (Bro Radio)

In The Groove WEATHER SPECIAL - 25/07/2021 (Bro Radio)

In The Groove - 18/07/2021 (Bro Radio)

In The Groove - 11/07/2021 (Bro Radio)

In The Groove - 04/07/2021 (Bro Radio)

In The Groove - 27/06/2021 (Bro Radio)

In The Groove - 20/06/2021 (Bro Radio)

In The Groove - 06/06/2021 (Bro Radio)

In The Groove ABBA SPECIAL - 30/05/2021 (Bro Radio)

In The Groove - 23/05/2021 (Bro Radio)

In The Groove - 16/05/2021 (Bro Radio)

In The Groove - 09/05/2021 (Bro Radio)

In The Groove ABBA SPECIAL- 02/05/2021 (Bro Radio)



JUST THE BEST BITS - 31/07/2021 (Moorlands Gold)

JUST THE BEST BITS - 24/07/2021 (Moorlands Gold)

JUST THE BEST BITS - 17/07/2021 (Moorlands Gold)

JUST THE BEST BITS - 10/07/2021 (Moorlands Gold)

JUST THE BEST BITS - 03/07/2021 (Moorlands Gold)

JUST THE BEST BITS - 26/06/2021 (Moorlands Gold)

JUST THE BEST BITS - 19/06/2021 (Moorlands Gold)

JUST THE BEST BITS - 05/06/2021 (Moorlands Gold)

JUST THE BEST BITS - 29/05/2021 (Moorlands Gold)

JUST THE BEST BITS - 22/05/2021 (Moorlands Gold)

JUST THE BEST BITS - 15/05/2021 (Moorlands Gold)

JUST THE BEST BITS - 08/05/2021 (Moorlands Gold)

JUST THE BEST BITS - 01/05/2021 (Moorlands Gold)



I talk to Simon Mayo about an album in my collection (Greatest Hits Radio)

I talk to Ella Nosworthy about Nozstock The Hidden Valley (Bro Radio)

I talk to Syph about Nozstock (recorded back stage)

I talk to Mr Noz him self about Nozstock (recorded back stage)

Prince Philip Special - 11th April 2021 (Bro Radio)