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I must admit I do like to spend time in my

kitchen. I have a well stocked kitchen with

herbs, spices and a small selection of oils.

I am one for watching TV chefs such as

Rick Stein, Nigela Lawson, Matt Tebbutt, Mary Berry and James Martin.

I love to experement in the kitchen, and this web page acts as a link to one pot creations, well a number of them are at least!, that I have put together and already have online on my blogger site, 

When I was in school, I did Food Technology and gained a BTEC Credit for it. I do remember once making a chilli, couldn't taste it as I was cooking it, so ended up putting the whole tub in it. The outcome was a very hot uneatable mince concoction (I wonder what Suffolk County Council did with it? did they dispose of it in a toxic waste facility?)

I will add to this page as times goes on, so please come back to see what else has been added to it. Who knows, one day I may end up on one of my favorite shows on tv, such as Saturday Kitchen Live or maybe Master Chef!

All links bellow will open in a new window, some may not be true one pot meals, but the main part of them are!

Sausage & Mash YouTube


Chicken Cottage Pie

Prawn & Tomato Pasta - inspired by Nigela Lawson

Chinese Style Pork Strips

Baked Sausage & Beans

Spicy & Fruity Chicken Curry

Minced Beef & Tomato YouTube

Tasty Chicken Mince

Sausage Cassarole

Paprika Chicken 

Cauli Soup

Root Veg Soup

VIDEO:- TV-AM Archive - Exotic Fruit

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